ISSUE 6.2 (SUMMER 2010)

Special Issue:
Nineteenth-Century Feminisms: Press & Platform

Guest Edited by Susan Hamilton and Janice Schroeder



Susan Hamilton and Janice Schroeder, “Nineteenth Century Feminisms: Press and PlatformPDF Version



Margaret Beetham, “Thinking Back Through our Mother’s Magazines: Feminism’s Inheritance from Nineteenth-Century Magazines for MothersPDF Version

Michelle Tusan, “Gleaners in the Holy Land: Women and the Missionary Press in Victorian BritainPDF Version

Joanne Shattock, “The ‘Orbit’ of the Feminine Critic: Gaskell and EliotPDF Version

Teresa C. Zackodnik, “‘Rich thought and polished pen’: Recirculation and Early African American FeminismPDF Version

Solveig C. Robinson, “Victoria Woodhull-Martin and The Humanitarian (1892-1901): Feminism and Eugenics at the Fin de SièclePDF Version

Maria DiCenzo, “Pressing the Public: Nineteenth Century Feminist Periodicals and ‘the Press’PDF Version



Christopher L. Reese, “Institutional Periodical Identities?” Review of Mark Schoenfield’s British Periodicals and Romantic Identity: The “Literary Lower Empire.”

Nicole Fluhr, “Affairs of State: Aristocratic Women and the Politics of Influence.” Review of Muireann Ó’Cinnéide’s Aristocratic Women and the Literary Nation, 1832-1867. PDF Version

Chris Vanden Bossche, “Reading Reynolds’ Radicalism.” Review of Anne Humpherys and Louis James, eds. G. W. M. Reynolds: Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Politics, and the Press. PDF Version

Linda K. Hughes, “Strategic Authorship: Revising Histories of Women’s Writing.” Review of Linda Peterson’s Becoming a Woman of Letters: Myths of Authorship and Facts of the Victorian Market. PDF Version

Joanna Shawn Brigid O’Leary, “Tales of Fancy and the Politics of the Periodical.” Review of Caroline Sumpter’s The Victorian Press and the Fairy Tale. PDF Version

Jill Galvan, “Black, White, and Read All Over: Novels and News in the Victorian Age.” Review of Matthew Rubery’s The Novelty of Newspapers: Victorian Fiction after the Invention of the News. PDF Version


Editors-in-Chief: Stacey Floyd and Melissa Purdue

Reviews Editor: Mary Jean Corbett

Reviews Assistant: Zach Weir

Technical Editor: Josh Reid