ISSUE 3.3 (WINTER 2007)



Daniel S. Brown, “Chopping Wood: ‘Primitive’ Masculinity in Gauguin’s Man With an Axe, Matamoe and Noa NoaPDF Version

Catherine A. Civello, “The Ironies of Widowhood: Displacement of Marriage in the Fiction of George Eliot PDF Version

Alexis Harley, “Sexing the Aesthete: the Autobiography and Apostasy of Edmund Gosse PDF Version

Anne-Sophie Leluan-Pinker, “‘Have everything new and made new again’: gendered vision and the ‘great sex question’ in Ménie Muriel Dowie's Gallia PDF Version

Natalie A. Phillips, “Claiming Her Own Context(s): Strategic Singularity in the Poetry of Toru DuttPDF Version

Review Essay

David Wayne Thomas, “Theory and the Ethos of Argument.” Review of Amanda Anderson’s The Way We Argue Now: A Study in the Cultures of Theory. PDF Version


Rachel Teukolsky, “Pursuing the Victorian Honeymoon.” Review of Helena Michie’s Victorian Honeymoons: Journeys to the Conjugal. PDF Version

Sara Dustin, “Fashioning Literature.” Review of Clair Hughes’s Dressed in Fiction. PDF Version

Heather Brown, “Outfitting the Seamstress.” Review of Beth Harris’s Famine and Fashion: Needlewomen in the Nineteenth Century. PDF Version

Deborah M. Fratz, “Disability, Gender and Genre in Victorian Culture.” Review of Martha Stoddard Holmes’s Fictions of Affliction: Physical Disability in Victorian Culture. PDF Version

Serena Trowbridge, “Spiritualism and ‘The Woman Question.’” Review of Alex Owen’s The Darkened Room: Women, Power, and Spiritualism in Late Victorian England. PDF Version

Melissa Dykes, “Envisioning and the Victorian Woman Traveler.” Review of Monica Anderson’s Women and the Politics of Travel, 1870-1914 and Jordana Pomeroy’s Intrepid Women: Victorian Artists Travel. PDF Version

Diana Maltz, “Hooligan Knights.” Review of Troy Boone’s Youth of Darkest England: Working-Class Children at the Heart of Victorian Empire. PDF Version


The editors would like to thank Lauren Goodlad for her time as Reviews Editor. She has served in that position since the journal's foundation. Dr. Goodlad's vision for a reviews section that blends longer review essays with shorter pieces and the impressive list of reviewers she assembled over the last two years has helped establish NCGS's place among nineteenth-century journals. Beginning with the spring 2008 issue, we welcome our new Reviews Editor, Mary Jean Corbett, professor of English at Miami of Ohio.

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Reviews Editor: Lauren Goodlad

Technical Editor: Josh Reid