ISSUE 13.2 (SUMMER 2017)

Special Issue:
Age and Gender: Aging in the Nineteenth Century

Guest Edited by Alice Crossley


Alice Crossley, “Age and Gender: Aging in the Nineteenth CenturyPDF Version



Melanie Zynel, “‘A Strange and Ghastly Spectacle’: Aging, Illness, and Intimacy in Maria Edgeworth’s BelindaPDF Version

Abigail Boucher, “The Monk and Menopause: Gender, Medicine, and the Gothic in the Long Nineteenth CenturyPDF Version

Leah Grisham, “‘A distortion of nature’s harmony’: Aging Women and the Exotic in Dombey and Son and VillettePDF Version

Jonathon Shears, “Byron and Premature AgingPDF Version

Marta Miquel-Baldellou, “Masculinities in Distress: Aging and Gender Trouble in Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s The CaxtonsPDF Version

Alice Crossley, “‘I Fear I Have the Heart of a Boy’: Age Consciousness and Age Difference in George Meredith’s ‘The Gentleman of Fifty and the Damsel of Nineteen’PDF Version

Margaret Morganroth Gullette, “The New Era of Longevity Discovered, 1869-1929: The Shock of Women’s Midlife Strength and the Construction of Gender EnvyPDF Version



Susan David Bernstein, “Ghost Walks.” Review of Alison Booth’s Homes and Haunts: Touring Writers’ Shrines and Countries. PDF Version

Peter Merchant, “Can You Forgive Her?” Review of Collen M. Conway’s Sex and Slaughter in the Tent of Jael: A Cultural History of a Biblical Story. PDF Version


Editors-in-Chief: Stacey Floyd and Melissa Purdue

Reviews Editor: Carolyn Oulton

Assistant to the Reviews Editor: Alyson Hunt

Technical Editor: Josh Reid

Assistant to the Technical Editor: Luke Baugher