ISSUE 12.2 (SUMMER 2016)

Special Issue:
Teaching Nineteenth-Century Literature and Gender in the Twenty-First-Century Classroom

Guest Edited by Lara Karpenko and Lauri Dietz

Undergraduate Managing Editor, Linda Braus


This issue is dedicated to the memory of Jamie Pomis, who worked hard as one of the student editors of this issue. We are all grateful for the enthusiasm she exhibited throughout the editorial process and the kindness she showed to all those who interacted with her.


Lara Karpenko and Lauri Dietz “Bridging the Divide: Teaching Nineteenth-Century Literature and Gender in the Twenty-First-Century ClassroomPDF Version



Linda Braus, Sondra Erwin, Mary Kolberg, Michelle Orr, Jaclyn Wilcox, Annie Zinnen, Heather Berg, Tayler Bowser, Samantha Dittmer, Davis Endries, Melissa George, Jamie Pomis, Amanda Shryock, Eric Van Driska, and Madelyn Wegner, “The Other Side of the Desk: The Undergraduate Perspective of Editing an Academic JournalPDF Version

Ryan D. Fong, “Form, Gender, Pedagogy: Shaping and Engaging the Period SurveyPDF Version

Livia Arndal Woods, “Practicing Canon-Formation in the Digital ClassroomPDF Version

Nora Gilbert, “Out of the Pasts: Reading Victorian Sensation Fiction through the Lens of Hollywood Film NoirPDF Version

Mohammed Hamdan, “Liberating the Classroom: The Artistic Teaching of Gender in Nineteenth-Century Literature Courses at An-Najah National UniversityPDF Version



Catherine Pope, “A New Canon?.” Review of Anne-Marie Beller and Tara MacDonald’s Rediscovering Victorian Women Sensation Writers. PDF Version

Tamar Heller, “Beautiful Objects of Exchange.” Review of Kirby-Jane Hallum’s Aestheticism and the Marriage Market in Victorian Popular Fiction: The Art of Female Beauty. PDF Version

Jennifer Janecheck, “Disabled Masculinities in Domestic Realist Fiction.” Review of Karen Bourrier’s The Measure of Manliness: Disability and Masculinity in the Mid-Victorian Novel. PDF Version

Emma Liggins, “The New Woman as Graduate? Reassessing the Educated Working Woman.” Review of Gillian Sutherland’s In Search of the New Woman: Middle-Class Women and Work in Britain, 1870-1914. PDF Version



Editors-in-Chief: Stacey Floyd and Melissa Purdue

Reviews Editor: Carolyn Oulton

Assistant to the Reviews Editor: Alyson Hunt

Technical Editor: Josh Reid

Assistant to the Technical Editor: Luke Baugher