ISSUE 11.3 (WINTER 2015)

Special Issue:
Relations: Literary Marketplaces, Affects, and Bodies of 18th- and 19th-Century Women Writers

Guest Edited by Julia Fuller, Meechal Hoffman, and Livia Arndal Woods


Julia Fuller, Meechal Hoffman, and Livia Arndal Woods, “IntroductionPDF Version


Mary Jean Corbett, “‘Ashamed of the Inkpot’: Virginia Woolf, Lucy Clifford, and the Literary MarketplacePDF Version

Nancy Yousef, “‘Emotions that reason deepens’: Second Thoughts about AffectPDF Version


Mimi Winick, “Scholarly Collaboration for a Feminist New Age in Jane Harrison’s and Jessie Weston’s Alternative HistoriesPDF Version

Constance Walker, “Ménage à trois at the Monthly MuseumPDF Version

Rachel Ablow, “Hypochondria and the Failure of RelationshipPDF Version

Anna E. MacDonald, “Edible Women and Milk Markets: The Linguistic and Lactational Exchanges of ‘Goblin Market’PDF Version


Editors-in-Chief: Stacey Floyd and Melissa Purdue

Reviews Editor: Carolyn Oulton

Technical Editor: Josh Reid